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St Elizabeth’s will accept applications from individuals, their families or carers or social workers (local authorities).

If you are interested in making an application please click here to download the application form.  You can also click here to view our admissions policy.

St Elizabeth’s admissions officer will be happy to give you a guided tour of St Elizabeth’s, if this helps you decide if St Elizabeth’s is right for you. You can contact the admissions officer on :

On receipt of your application the multidisciplinary team at St Elizabeth’s will arrange to conduct a full assessment of need. We will take your assessment to an internal panel who will decide if St Elizabeth’s can meet your needs. If the panel believe we are able to do this you will be made a provisional, verbal offer of placement pending funding agreement from your local authority. (If you are a self-funder the costings will be sent directly to you.)

Following this assessment we will calculate how much it will cost us to make sure we meet your assessed need. This cost will be sent to your local authority, who will take the information to their panel for agreement. The funding agreement can take some time to negotiate, but our admissions officer will keep you informed at every stage of the process.

We have a Residents Finance Officer, and we recommend that you meet with this person during the application so you have full details of how your benefits (and your family’s benefits) may be affected by accepting the placement. This is particularly important if you are moving from children’s services to adult services, as your entitlements are significantly affected.

When your funding has been agreed you will be offered a 6-week trial period at St Elizabeth’s with a full transition plan agreed with you (and your family if you need support). At the end of six weeks you can tell us if you are happy and wish to live at St Elizabeth’s.

For any further information on admissions for Adult Care Services at St Elizabeth’s Centre, please contact the admissions officer on:

01279 844280 or