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Residents Stories

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Julie was admitted to St Elizabeth’s Adult Care Services in 2008 with very high support needs. Julie has epilepsy, severe learning disability and behaviours that challenge due to a condition known as Fragile X. It was quickly identified that Julie’s needs could be more easily met in a smaller group, due to the complexity of her condition. The multidisciplinary team at St Elizabeth’s (GP, nurses, psychologist, psychiatrist) worked closely with Julie’s social worker and family, and over a period of three years Julie’s incidents of behaviour that challenged decreased significantly.

This has greatly improved Julie’s quality of life, and she now enjoys regular outings, including overnight stays at theme parks, which are her favourite. The success in supporting Julie with her condition and pursuing the correct level of support and care package has transformed Julie’s life.


Sarah came to St Elizabeth’s Adult Care Services in 2009 at the age of 19. Sarah’s support needs are very high, due to a range of conditions including epilepsy and Angelmans Syndrome. At the time of admission Sarah found it difficult to engage in activities but, with support and input from well trained and caring staff, she now regularly attends a wide variety of activities both on and off site.

Sarah has settled in well, and has many supportive relationships with other residents in her bungalow. Initially Sarah visited her family, who live locally, every weekend, but she now chooses to visit once every three weeks, as there is more for her to do at St Elizabeth’s. There is an improvement in Sarah’s seizures, as she is more actively engaged and stimulated. Both St Elizabeth’s and Sarah’s family consider the placement to be a huge success.

*Names have been changed to protect identity