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College Media 3

The main aim of the curriculum is to provide relevant opportunities for personal development and growth by the acquisition of skills that equip the learners to have greater control of their lives, reducing dependence and increasing fulfilment.

The skills of numeracy, literacy and communication are embedded within the waking day curriculum of living and learning at the College. The College is committed to providing learning opportunities that will be relevant and useful to learners in their everyday life, meet their needs and enhance their quality of life.

The learning programme is accredited through City & Guilds. This gives us a flexible, modular structure that has a range of outcomes. Functional skills are embedded within the learning. The curriculum is also designed to provide learning experiences and opportunities to meet the holistic needs and interests of the learners.

"Learners' involvement in evaluating their own learning is good in the best sessions. They are encouraged to reflect on what they have learnt and the progress they make in achieving their learning targets."

OFSTED, June 2014