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Accommodation & Tenancies


St Elizabeth's College offers 7 bungalows on site, totalling 26 bedrooms. 6 of these are situated within Jubilee House and 20 within Centenary Close. All on-site accommodation is owned by our Local Housing Association and learners within these buildings are issued with a licensing agreement when they move in. The licensing agreement is for 3 years based on a 52 week year and linked to their College placement. This means that only learners enrolled and participating in College are able to hold the agreement.

St Elizabeth's is set within 65 acres of land and so the building are surrounded by greenery, allowing room for learners to have Summer Barbecues, Winter bonfires and enjoy the land around the rest of the Centre including our on-site social enterprises comprising of greenhouses, chickens, an orchard, parks and sheep fields.

St Elizabeth's College also has 10 purpose built flats situated on Windhill in Bishops Stortford. These flats are owned by Circle Anglia but the tenancies are held by St Elizabeth's College learners. The flats are made for semi-independent living, with staff present 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Again, the tenancies are linked with their College placement and so, only learners participating and enrolled in College are able to hold the tenancies. The tenancy again is for 3 years based on a 52 week year.

The learners situated within Windhill are taken to and from College each day. They have easy access to the community being a 10 minute walk from Bishops Stortford Town centre, with all of its local amenities and a direct train line to London.

All learners either on site or at Windhill have access to housing benefit in order to pay their rent. Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance then allows learners to meet their everyday financial needs.

St Elizabeth's College is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and OFSTED. Please look further into the website for the full reports but please see our most recent CQC rating below.