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Night Care


A team of Night Staff take over from the Residential Learning Support Assistants between the hours of 21:30pm - 07:30am.

The night staff have access to audio and visual monitors positioned in each bedroom depending on the assessed needs of each learner. If a learner needs this equipment in place, a mental capacity assessment will take place along with a best interest decision and consent if the young person is deemed as lacking capacity.

The night staff are available to all learners and have immediate access to each bungalow in the event of an emergency. They are able to detect seizures or other problems throughout the night and call for support from the night nurses on site if necessary.

At Windhill, there are two night staff situated within the building. Each bedroom is fitted with an audio monitor depending on the assessed need of each learner. If this a necessary requirement then all the cannels listed about will be followed to ensure the best interests of the learner are being met.

Learners are able to call for Night Staff assistance if they so wish from their flats. Night staff situated within Windhill, would call upon the general emergency services if the need was to arise.

Staff are trained in the use of intervention medication, the administration of medication, epilepsy, first aid and safeguarding.