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Student Voice

College Learner

The Learner Voice

Personal, development, behaviour and welfare is embedded in the ethos of the organisation. Our curriculum enables access to a wide range of learning opportunities that help develop learner confidence and their identity in the community and society with a committed and strong focus on safety. 

The learners' voice is fundamental in driving our agenda.  At every opportunity we encourage all learners to talk about their views, feelings, ideas and opinions.  One way that we facilitate this is through our Learner Council.

Learners participate in the democratic process to elect members of the council, and once elected Members are responsible for a wide range of themes, projects and opportunities.

Most recently learners and Council representatives have led fundraising events, planned outings and celebration events, and raised the profile of the College in the community.

Feedback is extremely important to us. We seek all views from learners, parents and carers to identify areas of improvement and prioritise any concerns and share positive outcomes.

"Learners learn to respect their peers and members of staff and this creates a harmonious atmosphere".

Ofsted November 2015.

To access the Learner Voice Strategy please click here

Parent Feedback

My son continues to develop his skills and confidence at St. Elizabeth's and enjoys being in both college and residential settings. Thank you to everyone for their continued help, support and commitment to enhancing my son's independence, health and wellbeing - March 2017

My son has achieved so much with the help of the College and staff. Everyone goes that extra mile. He has taken external exams, this would not have been possible if he had attended our local mainstream college. He is now embarking on a new stage of his life where he will live semi-independently. Thank you for everything you have done for him - July 2016

Since May 2016 parent satisfaction has increased by 5%, previously is was 95% now it is 100%.

Learner feedback has been maintained over the past year at 95%.