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Residential Living Promotes Social, Learning, Health and Emotional Development.

Night Monitoring

Our residential living offer is to create a nurturing environment promoting social, learning, health and emotional development for 52 weeks of the year.

All placements are full time, however we work closely and flexibly with families to ensure that their child has the appropriate contact with home in a way that suits each individual young person and family.

We have a large team of experienced, skilled and well trained residential care staff who are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our pupils and students. Residential staff work closely with our teachers, nurses, therapy team and families to ensure that every pupil and student has an individually tailored and holistic Care Plan and Learning Plan that promotes social, learning, health and emotional development.

Care Plans are individualised, creative and unique to each young person. They encourage as much independence and participation as possible, encompassing all aspects of individual needs, strengths, abilities and wishes.

Living groups range from 6 – 8 young people and great care is taken to ensure that each pupil/student has an appropriate peer group taking into account age, abilities and interests. Some of the houses are mixed gender groups. There are plenty of social opportunities for pupils and students to meet their friends from other houses and enjoy shared activities. Each house has a dedicated staff team and the number of staff on each house is planned to meet individual needs.

Now Open All Year!

In response to children’s needs and requests from parents or various local authorities, from February 2015 St. Elizabeth's has been registered with Ofsted, not only as a residential special school but also as a Children’s Home. This means that we can consider placements for children needing care beyond term time only (38 week) provision. We are now able to offer 24 hour care continuing into holiday periods i.e. for 39 to 52 weeks per annum.

Night Monitoring

A team of experienced waking night staff care for the pupils/students overnight. Their working patterns are arranged so that our young people get to know them and feel comfortable to call them when needed at night. Everyone has an individualised night time care plan to ensure that they receive the appropriate amount of supervision, monitoring and support overnight. The waking night team is supported by three members of senior staff and a nurse on sleep in duty.