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Student Voice, from Individual Reviews through House Meetings to the School Council

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Student Voice

We value the view of our pupils and students and involve them in school life in a range of ways.

School Council

School Council representatives are voted in by their peers and meet regularly to discuss whole school issues and plan school events. Recently the school council planned the Children in Need events and developed the new School Values statement.

Student Meetings

Each residential house holds a weekly student meeting. This is an opportunity for pupils and students to be involved in the organisation of activities for evenings and weekends on the houses. This is also an opportunity for discussions about any arising issues, including shared understandings about social and behavioural expectations.

Independent Support Worker

Each pupil is allocated an Independent Support Worker who acts as an advocate for the pupil as well as providing an independent person to whom the pupil can talk to if there are any issues.

Annual Review

Each pupil is encouraged to contribute to the Annual Review process through their A9 Student contribution, a formal document which expresses their views and aspirations. Where it is appropriate, the pupil is also invited to attend their review. Pupils and students are also encouraged to have input into target setting and monitoring.