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Our Occupational Therapy Team is Integrated in to our Multidisciplinary Approach

School Therapy 13

St Elizabeth’s has a team of 2 full time occupational therapists plus 1 assistant  providing occupational therapy services across the School, Home and College.

The team will conduct an initial assessment on admission and create an individual programme where necessary. The assessment will consider independent living skills, fine motor skills and motor co-ordination, planning and sequencing skills, perceptual skills, and sensory processing difficulties. It will review moving and handling and will recommend the provision of assistive equipment.

Clients may have regular individual sessions or in groups. One particularly successful group session has been the Cheerleading Club in the School.

We are proud of the way that our therapy teams work together on a multidisciplinary approach to all clients needs as well as the training and support given to care staff to embed therapy as part of the care plan and teaching staff to include therapy as part of the curriculum.