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Speech & Language Therapy for Epilepsy, Autism and Complex Needs

College Stortford 4

The Speech and Language Therapy team aims to help clients to be confident and happy, by being able to understand the world and language used around them, express themselves and interact with friends and family.

Clients with epilepsy, autism and complex needs across the Centre show a wide range of ability levels and challenges. Staff are all keen to maximise the communication skills of each individual and expand their potential. This requires a very holistic approach, integrating all the staff teams including therapy and medical; sharing information, skills, strategies and targets.

The SLT team assess, liaise and advise on speech, language and communication needs and on eating and drinking issues.

Individual and group therapy may be offered to enhance support given across the Waking Day Curriculum.

Advice on Speech and Language Therapy

Beware! Just because someone can talk does not mean they can understand everything you say!

Keep your language positive – or they may do the opposite, just because they did not notice the ‘don’t’!

Many may take you literally, so ‘Press here’ on a fire alarm may seem like an open invitation! They may not make inferences or understand consequences.