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Day Activities

Day activities B&B 5

St Elizabeth’s Day Activities provide residents and day or respite care clients the opportunity to participate in a wide range of exciting and stimulating activities to meet their needs, interests and aspirations.

We offer a varied timetable which reflects the diverse abilities of the clients at St Elizabeth’s including horse-riding, trampolining, music and drama, arts and crafts, therapeutic multisensory experiences, and an opportunity for clients to learn and develop IT skills.

Each activity is run by experienced staff who encourage client independence in a safe, supportive and caring environment. Clients are encouraged to improve social skills and build friendships with their peers and engage with people they meet whilst accessing local community based activities.

Trained and talented staff also work alongside residents providing a wide range of Art, Craft and Textile activities to meet the wishes and abilities of both residents and day or respite care clients. We cultivate a person centred approach in art groups where each individual can contribute to the final display. Groups are carefully planned to ensure that everyone participates in some way. Each group member is enabled to make a valuable contribution by identifying their personal needs and using or adapting resources/equipment to suit the individual.

The art groups are run in a fun and relaxed atmosphere to achieve a therapeutic outcome.

The final artwork is assembled incorporating the work of the whole group and displayed prominently in the Centre or for external audiences. We ensure contributors are recognised with accompanying text to applaud achievements and enhance self esteem.

Collages, models and wall hangings etc are produced using a wide range of techniques, eg painting/drawing, needlecraft/embroidery, beadwork, knitting, felt making, paper making, batik, printing, acrylics, pen and ink.