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Day Opportunities Admissions

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Following initial query, usually by carer/relative or referral agency, we would wish to discuss the potential placement and would encourage an early visit to St Elizabeth’s (without the client in the first instance) to ensure that our range of provision is as expected by the referrer and appears to be suitable for that client.

After the visit by carer or agency, should they decide to progress the referral, then they will be asked to complete an Application Form and arrange for the client to come to St Elizabeth's for an Assessment Visit. Assessment will be carried out by a Senior Nurse and Day Opportunities Manager.

The assessment will also determine staffing support requirements and hence costs for each session. Attendance is normally morning (9.30 am to 1.00 pm) or afternoon (2.15 pm to 4.30 pm) or all day, (please note times may vary a little for some off site activities). Lunch can be provided by the Centre if the client chooses not to bring their own. Day Placements can attend up to 10 sessions, (5 days Monday to Friday), if they so wish, whilst Respite Care clients have the opportunity to participate in day activities if required. At this stage we would want to discuss the number of sessions being considered and ideal programme being chosen.

If assessment identifies that there would be a good fit between client needs/aspirations and the opportunities offered by the service then the application will be referred to our Admissions Panel.

If agreed we will confirm the final programme being offered at this stage. Normally we are able to accommodate most choices made with the exception of some community activities where we do not control provision. However people can change programmes during the year where we can accommodate such moves and this can create vacancies for people waiting for a space on a previously over subscribed option. Programme choice is reviewed in consultation with the client prior to new programmes being prepared for each September.

Staffing levels for any individual client are subject to risk assessments or changes in need and thus the support package and charge could be subject to review if there were a change in client circumstances during the year. All costs and charges are reviewed each year. Normally clients accepted onto the programmes will be offered renewed packages each year for a minimum of 3 years.

For further information relating to admissions, please contact our Admissions Officer by telephone on 01279 844384 or by email on