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Staff Stories

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St Elizabeth's prides itself in its staff and the opportunities available for them. Below are career stories from a number of them: 

Jade: Care Assistant (Adult Home)

“Just go for it!” says Jade

My name is Jade. When I joined St Elizabeth’s as a Care and Support Worker, I was totally new to care work. After starting my working life in hairdressing, I had moved into retail for a few years. Then, one day I asked myself the question “What do I want to do for the rest of my life?”  I started thinking about working in childcare but then I saw an ad on line for a Care and Support Worker at St Elizabeth’s supporting adults with learning disabilities. I wasn’t sure at first so I talked to a friend and she suggested this would be a good first step for me to start my care careerI have to say the job is NOTHING  like I thought it would be. When I read that it involved ‘personal care’,  I thought it would involve lots of supporting people in the bathroom, getting dressed and so on.  Although that does form part of my work, the role is much, much more than thatClick here for Jade's full story

Kevin: Lead Instructor (Day Opportunities)

I started at St Elizabeth's working 3 days a week as Day Services gardener. However, after around 6 weeks my manager approached me and said "it's about time we organised some groups for you to work with". I remember thinking "Oh goodness, that wasn’t why I came to work here", but after I got over the initial shock I decided that it would either work or it wouldn’t and I wouldn’t know unless I tried. Almost 20 years later, I'm still here and now I also coordinate groups and line manage staff! Click here for Kevin's full story

Craig: Child Care Manager

I was studying a business studies course at college with no ideas of the career path I should take when I had an opportunity to take year out of education to do a year's placement as a Community Service Volunteer within a residential special school. I arrived at St Elizabeth's at the age of 17 for my one year placement with no experience or qualifications in this field of work. After 6 months of my placement I commenced a full time position as an Assistant Houseparent and now 17 years later I am working as a Child Care Manager. I have shared responsibility for the residential department of the school and the management of approximately 100 residential staff. Click here for Craig's full story

Yvonne: Day Opportunities Manager

I have worked at St Elizabeth's Centre since October 2003 and originally joined as a Day Care Support Worker. My job immediately prior to starting here was in residential care and I saw this as an exciting opportunity to work in a new setting which enabled me to work with residents in a way that enabled them to engage in meaningful and structured activities in their daily life. Click here for Yvonne's full story