Learning more about the plight of refugees at the School
Raising Community Awareness
Numeracy lessons in the School
Horse riding sessions for School students
Providing specialist care and education to children of all ages
Bourne 2 1280
Some of our School Residential Accommodation, part of our Children's Home
Chilton 2011
More accommodation within our Children's Home
Girls Bedroom
An example of a residential student's bedroom, personalised how they wish
Photo 24-06-2017, 4 19 23 pm.jpg
Some of our band of volunteers who help out at our Fundraising Events
Photo 24-06-2017, 4 17 04 pm.jpg
Volunteers (from the Rapid Relief Team) supporting our Fundraising Events
Collection Pots help raise valuable money for St Elizabeth's from across the local area
Fundraising Team and Billy Byrne
Billy Byrne, star of DIY SOS, supporting St Elizabeth's
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