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Kyle's Story Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Kyle's Story

St Elizabeth’s is a great place to be. I have been here for a very long time; fifteen years to be exact. In that time I have done many wonderful things and I have learnt so much. Each day is different and I have made many friends.

When working in College, I take part in so many different lessons, from English and mathematics to working on a farm as well as cooking. Being at St Elizabeth’s has given me so many exciting opportunities. Last year I started a work experience placement in the training department where I assist the staff and help prepare meetings. As well as this, I have also recently started an external work placement at a football shop. This is a great opportunity as it is something I’ve always wanted to do.

It is through my learning experience that I have gained new skills, such as communicating with customers, developing my organisational skills and remembering it is important to keep eye contact when talking to others.

At College I was also given the opportunity to be on the Learner Council. This was a great honour as I got to have a say in what we do at College and helping other learners have their own say.

I especially enjoy all the different events we have throughout the year, such as Enrichment trips, charity days and sport events such as the Inclusion Cup. Last year we won the Inclusion Cup and I scored four goals. I can’t wait for the next match.

Being at St Elizabeth’s has helped me a lot and I am happy to have been part of all the fun things over the past few years.

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