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Michael's Story Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Michael's Story

I moved into St Elizabeth’s in the summer of 2016, so it will soon be three years that I have lived here. The time has gone very quickly and I am getting on well. There are lots of things to do and I can choose what activities I do. I started to go swimming which is good exercise for me, I like to use the woggles to float and kick my legs up and down.

I moved into Hume House, the staff helped me with all my things; they are all nice and help me, though I can do most things on my own. I chose the colour I wanted my room to be painted before I moved in.

I was elected by the residents to be chairman of the resident’s forum, they voted for me. We meet once a month. I welcome everybody, and then I ask people to put their hands up if they have something to say. I have to make sure everybody gets a chance to speak if they want to.

I recently went to the Learning Disability Forum in Bishop’s Stortford. There were different people speaking, one talked about road safety and how to keep safe when you go out in the community. A man talked about renting houses and buying your own house which costs a lot of money. A lady told us about her new cafe in Bishop’s Stortford that I think is open a couple of days a week and she said it’s coming on really well. I introduced myself to everyone and told them I was the chairman of the resident’s forum, which is an important job. We all had tea and cake before we came home.

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