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Patricia's Story Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Patricia's Story

Celebrating her 70th birthday just last month, Patricia is one of our oldest residents having joined St Elizabeth’s 53 years ago. Born in Dublin in April 1951, she comes from a large family and is the eldest of five sisters. Patricia came to St Elizabeth’s on 1st July 1968 when she was just 17. Her family unfortunately found her growing medical needs increasingly difficult to manage, and soon found St Elizabeth’s where she has been ever since. Patricia quickly made St Elizabeth’s her “home from home”, and has enjoyed 53 wonderful years with lots of friends and many staff members!

In her prime of life, Patricia enjoyed knitting, puzzles and colouring in her books.  She developed an interest in table tennis, which she played when attending the on-site social club at the time.  She also enjoyed playing bingo and liked to read the occasional book. Her favourite was Bambi! She especially enjoyed making flowers out of play dough.

Patricia has enjoyed many different holidays over the years, and has always loved dancing and dining out with her peers.

Now in later life, Patricia’s health has deteriorated and she was recently diagnosed with dementia. However, Patricia remains a happy and content lady, and still enjoys socialising and having fun with friends and family. Despite not doing as many activities as she once enjoyed, she is very well settled in St Gabriel’s where she lives with her lifelong friends and is always smiling. We love having her with us and thoroughly enjoy her company!

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