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Simon's Story Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Simon's Story

I first came to St Elizabeth’s on 17th January 2005 as a day client, and started attending The Drawing Room. I didn’t know I had an interest in pottery and ceramics, but the staff at St Elizabeth’s said I had a talent and brought it out of me! I attend three sessions a week in The Drawing Room, and feel really proud of being part of a team and making lots of different products. I particularly enjoy making the dog bowls and the toad stools, as well the flowers and bee garden ornaments. The Bees are the nickname for my favourite football team Barnett F.C, so I really like making them!

Back in November, I was really proud to have the poppies I made on display in Bishop’s Stortford as part of the Armistice celebrations. It was a really special moment for me and one I won’t forget. While making the poppies, it made me think about all of those who served in the War.

I am always learning new skills in The Drawing Room, and if I could I would be in there all the time! I have learnt a lot about underglazing and what equipment to use, and how long in advance we have to prepare for different occasions. We will soon be starting to make products for Christmas. I once made a Rudolph bowl but made an extra big red nose by mistake – but it sold straight away!

The Drawing Room makes me feel very relaxed and happy, I really like attending. I recently took part in the Purple Day Exhibition at St Elizabeth’s, and wrote my story about my epilepsy on some artwork. You can see it in the main corridor when you come to visit!


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