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Ben & Denise's Story Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Ben & Denise's Story

Ben is 35 years old and has lived at St Elizabeth’s for 10 years, living in Kelly Kearney Bungalow in our Adult Home. Denise is his mum.

Ben has recently celebrated his second “Lockdown” birthday, a very strange and sad milestone but the carers made it a lovely day for him. He has become an uncle for the second time in the last six weeks but obviously has been unable to meet his new niece yet!

Ben has really missed coming home and seeing his family and special friend. He has really missed events like the Summer Fayre, the Christmas Bazaar, Apple Day, and the Santa Dash as he thoroughly enjoys having his family and friends attend and getting involved.

I am amazed and relieved how well he has coped (I think probably better than me) through the lockdown and for this I could hug and kiss the brilliant carers on Kelly Kearney - they have gone well above and beyond their “duty of care”. They have helped Ben Skype, helped him make his famous chocolate brioche, cheesecake and a lot more. Most of all they have kept him safe and well even at times when they have been short of staff.

Ben was very happy and excited to do a sponsored walk in his walker to raise money and say thank you. In total he raised over £500! Thank you everyone who donated.

Being a mum is hard, but being a mum of a child with special needs is ten times harder and I have to admit this last year has been the hardest and scariest, especially when Covid-19 inevitably reached St Elizabeth’s.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at St Elizabeth’s for getting us all through this horrendous year and hope that soon we will be able to hug our children again.

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