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Susie and Dylan's Story Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Susie and Dylan's Story

My son Dylan is 15 years old. He has right-sided Hemiplegia, epilepsy, behavioural difficulties and learning disabilities. Dylan underwent a left hemispherectomy (where part of the hemisphere in the brain is removed) in 2012, which has had a good effect on his seizures.

In the same year, Dylan started at St Elizabeth's - when he was 8 years old - as our local mainstream school could no longer meet his educational and behavioural needs. St Elizabeth's was our only option for a special needs school that we wished for him to attend; so we fought and fought, and finally our fight was won and he started as a day pupil. There was lots of change which St Elizabeth's supported not only Dylan with but us as a family, and he soon settled into his new school.

The on-site physiotherapist and occupational therapy team support Dylan with his day-to-day needs and the strengthening of his right side, and they make available any aids that can help him be as independent as possible.

Dylan also sometimes has overnight stays at St Elizabeth's. This has helped immensely, as not only does it give him more independence and the availability to socialise with his friends at the school, it also gives us as parents the odd evening to spend quality time with Dylan's older brother. The staff make Dylan feel very comfortable and we feel relaxed that he is in a safe and happy environment, having fun.

Getting Dylan into St Elizabeth's is the best decision we as a family have made. It has helped and supported Dylan in reaching his full potential and has given us the peace of mind that not only he is gaining a fantastic education but also making friends with the other students and staff.

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