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Enterprise Projects Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Enterprise Projects

What are Enterprise projects?

Our Enterprise projects are opportunities that provide a realistic working environment, including providing a ‘therapeutic wage’ and support to grow, create, build and sell products and produce. We encourage all clients who attend the projects to take ownership for the success of the project, whether their contribution has been working to create individual artwork or collaborating with others to produce group pieces.

All of our Enterprise projects run Monday to Friday, with sessions in both the morning and afternoon.

All of our products and produce can be purchased directly from our Reception, The Drawing Room or Ashvale here at the Centre, and at our charity shop in Florence Walk. You can also find us at local events, details of which can be found on our Facebook page. If you would like to order/commission something, please email us at [email protected].

The Drawing Room:

The Drawing Room provides a unique opportunity for clients to develop new skills, confidence and self-expression through the medium of art.

The project provides an environment for people to explore their potential whilst receiving support and guidance from a team of qualified artists.

Clients work at their own pace and ability to produce high quality artwork through ceramics, printmaking and painting (examples of which we have had exhibited at the Tate Modern Gallery in London). Clients are involved in all aspects of the design process. We have our own kiln on-site that allows clients to work with raw clay and continue their design through to the finished glazed product.

The Jewellery Project

The Jewellery Project provides a realistic work environment for those wishing to develop their skills and interest in making and designing items of jewellery and other wire & bead products.

Each client participates at a level suitable to them and is encouraged to take ownership of the success of their products, all the way through production.

A team of qualified artists and jewellers assist clients, who together produce jewellery to a professional standard and suitable for retail.

Ashvale & The Orchard Project

Ashvale & the Orchard Project is our horticultural project. Based within the grounds of St Elizabeth's, the project offers experience in planting, growing and selling a wide range of produce both inside and outside depending on the season. Working in our orchard teaches clients basic coppice skills through renovating the trees and site, and offers opportunities to learn about marketing and retail through harvesting and selling apples, making apple juice and helping to organise our popular annual Apple Day event.

Covering over two acres of land, and within our three-acre ancient orchard, the project produces flowers and pot plants, willow structures, seasonal arrangements and vegetables for sale at the Centre’s annual events and other local outlets. Clients are also guided through caring for our own free-range chickens, and educated on harvesting and selling the eggs.

All of the fruit, vegetables and apples grown at Ashvale & The Orchard Project are organically grown.

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