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Individual Learning Opportunities Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Individual Learning Opportunities

St Elizabeth’s College strives to provide unique learning experiences and opportunities, delivering programmes and activities over a structured day, Monday to Friday. Whilst each learner follows a work plan very much individualised to their needs, a typical day at the College consists of:

• 9.30am – learners start the day
• 9.30-11am – first session
• 11am – breaktime
• 11.30am – 1pm – second session
• 1-2pm – lunchtime
• 2-3.30pm – third session
• 3.30pm – College finishes

Due to a wide range of activities on offer, the structure of the day can be very flexible to allow for extracurricular or vocational learning activities.

Over the years, the College has worked hard to adapt and establish a structured and varied curriculum. Our learners follow a Pathway of learning relevant to their level, need and goals and aspirations for the future. With the support of staff, learners are encouraged to contribute towards deciding on the subjects they would like to pick, with each Pathway designed to be a progressive programme of learning which is underpinned by accreditation, where relevant. Medical and therapy appointments are fitted in and around class lessons to ensure they are fully integrated into their everyday life but do not impact heavily on their learning.

Each Pathway is aimed at preparing young people for Adulthood and is accredited with City & Guilds. Some learners may work towards individual units, while others may work towards achieving a Diploma by the end of the three-year course. All learners also work towards accredited mathematics and English qualifications. Each young person drives their development over time, and the flexible nature of our Pathways enables us to adapt them accordingly.

Pathway 1 works towards a ‘skills for working life’ qualification aimed at entry level 3. This Pathway supports the development of core functional and work-related learning skills and experience.

Pathway 2 and Pathway 3 work towards a ‘personal progress’ qualification (entry level 1).

Pathway 3 is for learners with the most complex needs. This Pathway embeds therapy as the learning tool, developing communication with accessible resourcing, core functional skill development with multi-sensory and low arousal learning.

Overall, across all Pathways the College curriculum offers a holistic programme encompassing education, therapy and social development within the umbrella of developing confidence and independent living skills.

Please see below for some examples of the Pathways learners can follow throughout their placement:

Pathway 1

Pathway 2

Pathway 3

Each learner will follow an individualised, person centred timetable depending on the Pathway best suited to their learning experience. Please see below for some example timetables learners can follow throughout their placement:

Pathway 1 timetable

Pathway 2 timetable

Pathway 3 timetable

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