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Apple Day cancellation Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Apple Day cancellation

Apple Day cancellation

After much consideration and deliberation, sadly we have had to cancel Apple Day this year.

Together with restrictions still in place on large outside gatherings and the fact much of Apple Day involves using communal areas/objects (apple picking sticks, toilets, chairs, tables etc.), we do not feel we can ensure the safety of both visitors and our service-users, or provide a fun day for all as many of these activities will be unavailable.

On top of all the tasks involved already on Apple Day, we would have had the added extras of ensuring tables and chairs were wiped down after use, toilets were cleaned and the equipment used for apple picking was also wiped down. With the level of staffing and not wanting to cause a delay, we simply cannot facilitate this.

That said, with this being the second fundraising event this year we have had to cancel, we have taken a huge hit financially. In an attempt to raise some money and stick to tradition, we are still selling tickets for our Autumn Raffle! Tickets are £1 each, and top prize is a £150 voucher for John Lewis. Tickets are available to purchase via our Fundraising team - please email The draw will be held in the Fundraising office on Monday 28th September.

As you can imagine, we are incredibly sad to have had to cancel the event as for many of us, it’s our favourite event of the year! We also know how much everyone enjoys our annual events including Apple Day so we cannot apologise enough for having to make this decision.

Thank you for your understanding - if you have any questions or queries, please let us know.

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