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St Elizabeth's 2.6 Challenge Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

St Elizabeth's 2.6 Challenge

St Elizabeth's 2.6 Challenge

Have you heard of the 2.6 Challenge?! Fundraisers up and down the country are taking part in a number of different 2.6 challenges and well, we are jumping on board!

St Elizabeth's Centre, like all charities across the UK are facing a huge shortfall due to the impact of Coronavirus. A number of our community events have been cancelled, leaving us with an estimation the impact of this crisis could cost the Centre over £1.2 million.

We have decided to champion the community spirit here at St Elizabeth's, and both staff and residents across all of our provisions are getting involved in the 2.6 Challenge. We'd love it if you would consider sponsoring our staff and residents in their own individual challenges by donating to this page!

As part of the challenge across the site:

• The College learners and staff are creating 26 flags, making 26 balloons and performing 26 songs with musical instruments

• Adult residents in some of our bungalows will walk around our 68 acre site 2.6 times

• Adults from one bungalow will be preparing 26 heart shaped posters to spread messages of encouragement and cheer

• We have adults residents from another bungalow, who will be making decorative streamers

• We also have an adult resident running a 26 cake bake sale (following all social distancing and PPE guidelines)

You can support us by following the link below:

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