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St Elizabeth's - latest COVID-19 update
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St Elizabeth's - latest COVID-19 update

St Elizabeth's - latest COVID-19 update

We continue to monitor the unfolding news on the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Since our last update, a number of factors have changed including the strict guidelines laid out at Government level. As one of the largest employers in Hertfordshire, we have been in regular contact with medical experts and have been carefully taking advice from them about what we need to be doing.

With our school, college and all our other services still open, Government restrictions mean that we have had to change the way we are working.  So we are taking steps to ensure there is minimal contact between any learners that do not live together, teaching lessons in house groups rather than normal classes.  We continue to be vigilant across site, ensuring everyone is washing hands and equipment regularly and thoroughly, and using the hand sanitisers and other equipment we have supplied. We have also ensured information posters are available across the site, including easy-read versions for use by some of our clients where required.

We have cut back hard on the number of visitors to the site, including our own non-essential staff.  But our IT team have worked hard to make sure all those working from home have access remotely, and have introduced video-calling so we continue to operate and be accessible as much as possible.

Thus far, things have been relatively smooth.  Sadly, however, we have now had one official Coronavirus diagnosis, for a resident from our Adult Home, who was diagnosed during one of a number of periods in hospital.  We are liaising closely with the hospital about how they are doing and, we are happy to report, the news is currently reasonably positive.

As soon as the case was confirmed, the response plan we had prepared was immediately put into action.  The bungalow was given a deep clean, and all staff involved in the personal care of this resident in the days before diagnosis are all now in self-isolation.  None of the other residents in the bungalow are showing any signs but we have immediately introduced further protection and hygiene measures and they too are now self-isolating.  We have notified the authorities including Public Health and have notified the families of the other residents and are in regular contact with the individual’s father.

Even before the case was confirmed, we had decided to up our levels of protection across the site by issuing people with a set of clothes to wear over or instead of their normal daily clothing; we are sourcing this now and hope to have it with us soon.  We are also actively tracking the news about the possible supply of testing kits and will certainly be trying to get our hands on those as soon as we can.

Our senior teams are monitoring and continuing to discuss the situation daily, and putting all necessary safety measures in place.

Please keep checking our website and social media pages for further information and updates.

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