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Highs and Lows
Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs
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Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows

Thursday 26th March was a day of both highs and lows. As you may be aware, we had our first confirmed case of Covid-19. A sad, but inevitable low. Teams were understandably anxious about this first diagnosis, but pulled together in remarkable resilience (as always!)

We had been expecting that news to come at some point, of course, but this did not detract from the looming feeling that this has now touched one of own. Despite the sad news of the day, our spirits lifted again in the evening. Our Windhill gang, never ones to miss a party, got a takeaway in to celebrate T’s birthday. They all enjoyed the food, then took to the windows and the pavement outside ready for the 8pm clap for NHS & Carers.

It may sound simple, but the excitement this brought them was truly humbling. They were absolutely buzzing for the 8pm clap, ready to celebrate and show their support. There were even fireworks set off in the street, which gave it even more of a party feel. This really lifted the spirits of both our learners and staff teams, bringing a quiet tear to the eye of the more emotional of us.

As I drove back into work this morning, ready for another day, I spotted a selection of our resident’s finest pieces of art displayed at the windows. The most popular theme being rainbows. I smiled. What better way to sum us up in a painting?

When it rains, St Elizabeth’s will always find the rainbow.

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