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Respite Care FAQs
Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Respite Care FAQs

How long can I stay in your respite facilities?

The length of a client’s stay can depend on many factors. Most clients fund their place through their local authority, so often the length of their stay is dependent on how much they have been funded for. However, if a client is privately funding by other means, the length of stay can be negotiated between you and our Admissions Officer.

Once I have been assessed, how do I book in for respite?

Once you have been assessed and accepted, respite places are taken on a first-come first-serve basis. We are open all year round, but are particularly busy during weekends and holiday periods (summer and Christmas). We strongly advise you book in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

How is my respite placement funded?

Most clients receive funding through their local authority, but funding can come from many sources including private funds. All of your funding queries can be discussed with our Admissions Officer and/or your social or key worker involved in the application.

What is the criteria for emergency respite?

Emergency respite is only offered to clients we are already aware of and have assessed. We unfortunately cannot accept clients that have not undergone an assessment from our multi-disciplinary team here at St Elizabeth’s. 

St Elizabeth’s is a Centre for people of all ages, can all ages access Respite?

Unfortunately our respite facilities are only for clients aged 18 and over.

How many staff members work in Nichole House?

At present, we have 8 staff members who work in Nichole House, who are on hand to assist clients at any time during their stay. Respite clients also have access to our on-site Health Team and Day Services team, but do not have access to therapy while they are here for respite.

There are things I really like to do but also things that make me quite anxious. Can this be accommodated for during my stay in respite?

Every client has a personalised care plan, which outlines all health and social needs including personal preferences. During your stay, staff will make every effort to make you feel as comfortable as possible, including assisting you in activities and trips out that you may enjoy. Care will also be taken in who you will be staying alongside in Nichole House, and every effort will be made to provide a peaceful and happy environment for you.

Can I come and stay more than once a year?

Yes – subject to availability. This can be discussed with Charlotte Sear, our Admissions Officer.

Is there a waiting list?

We often do have a waiting list, due to high demand. As a result, we encourage you to book in as soon as you know when you would like to come and stay, to avoid disappointment and inconvenience.

Do respite clients often become permanent residents?

We have had many respite clients return as permanent residents. Respite can often serve as a taster into life at St Elizabeth’s, and some clients have felt their needs have been best met while staying with us. If you feel you would like to make your stay more permanent, please visit our Admissions page.

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