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Attending a Wedding Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Attending a Wedding

One of our Adult residents – with severe autism, epilepsy and learning disabilities – wanted to attend a family wedding, but was very anxious and getting increasingly more agitated.

Our staff worked closely with him to break the day into very small sections and treat each one separately (e.g. travel to train station, travel to London, go to the venue, attend the ceremony, give present, throw confetti), promising that he could leave after any stage and could choose to move on to the next part of the plan. We also offered free on-site accommodation and food to his family to help assist with this process.

Although this all took several weeks of planning, reassessing, reassuring and rearranging, in the end, he was able to stay for the whole wedding, getting back to St Elizabeth's late at night, looking very happy and smart in this wedding suit!

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