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Paying Attention in Class Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Paying Attention in Class

One of the children in our school was struggling to remain attentive and had difficulties remaining seated. This was detrimentally impacting on their learning: they couldn’t participate in whole-school activities and could become disruptive.

Following a full assessment by our Health and Therapy Team, the child was provided with a “bear hug” (a vest to provide pressure therapy that helps ease anxiety and regulate the sensory system), ear defenders (used to reduce the amount of outside noise) and sensory “snacks” (e.g. visiting the therapy room to use a hammock swing between lessons or when they felt overwhelmed by their environment).

They are now able to regulate their levels of alertness and are much more focused. They are able to stay in class for longer periods and concentrate on their lesson, and are progressing well in lessons. They were even able to take part in this year’s whole-school Nativity performance, something that would not have been possible just a few months beforehand!


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