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Rehabilitation Following a Fall Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Rehabilitation Following a Fall

One of our Adult residents had reduced mobility following a fracture of their spine. They were unable to sit or move independently in bed, unable to transfer themselves from the bed to a chair, and unable to walk without great pain. The Therapy Team developed and implemented an intensive rehabilitation programme, sourcing the right equipment to enable the resident to slowly build up their strength. Our therapists also provided bespoke training to the individual’s care staff working in their bungalow. They also worked closely with the resident's family so that they could start to go on home visits again.

Gradually, the individual grew stronger. Thanks to the multi-disciplinary support provided by care and therapy staff, they are now able to transfer with the assistance of one carer and can walk with the use of their walking frame. They no longer required hoisting, have regained independence in moving about in bed and can now maintain their sitting balance. They have also re-started having regular overnight visits to their family home and recently went on their annual family holiday.

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