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The Value of Sport Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

The Value of Sport

Nick came to us with many limitations regarding his mobility, but with a huge interest in tennis and other racquet and bat sports (table tennis especially!). After months of co-ordination work, many hours of patience from his carers, and introducing the right techniques, he became able to hold a racquet and return the ball and shuttles.

After 18 months he was able to have rallies of up to 10, which is a great achievement for him. Not only has this built his self esteem, he is able to participate with others, which has helped increase his social skills and confidence. His parents told us, “He is like another boy now! He loves to play with his brothers now – which is something we never thought would happen.”

Another young lady came to St Elizabeth’s school, with a life limiting diagnosis. Nobody was sure how long she would have with us, so we wanted to make sure that every moment really counted. Her passion was football, and knew every player and every team; however her condition left her unable to even kick a ball. We knew that it would make such a difference to her, to be able to get her to play a game of football, and I set out to make this my goal for her.

Starting with building her speed, agility and coordination work with her legs (her condition left her with one leg less mobile than the other), working on the less mobile leg as her standing leg, and the more mobile leg as her kicking leg, we managed to get her to kick a ball (very hard!). The smile on her face when she achieved this was worth the months of perseverance with her. She has now played in many matches against other local special needs colleges, and she attends every football training session that she can!

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