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Encouraging Success
Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Encouraging Success

The College aspires to be successful in all that we do. For our learners, we look at their individual hopes and aspirations for the future, and work together with them to ensure they can achieve their long-term goals.

Who do we support?

In the College at the moment, we currently have:






  • 56% of our learners have Epilepsy.
  • 44% of our learners have Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • 96% of learners can have complex and challenging behaviours.
  • 32% of learners do not communicate verbally.

Academic Achievement:

St Elizabeth’s College strives to provide unique learning experiences and opportunities, delivering programmes and activities very much individualised to a learner’s needs. We work hard to ensure that our students are supported to achieve the best possible outcomes from their time at the College.

Last year, 100% of learners achieved at least their predicted qualifications, with 22% achieving above expectations.

Looking to the Future:

On graduating from the College, our learners move on to a range of different placements and opportunities:


We record and track “Destination Data” for our learners:

Of the 9 learners who graduated from College in 2016:

  • 67% are living in supported living facilities.
  • 11% are living independently.
  • 44% went on to further education.

Of the 13 learners who graduated in 2017:

  • 85% have started accessing new social groups and activities, with 61% attending day centres to access new opportunities.
  • 3 have secured paid employment and a further 3 are working in a voluntary capacity.
  • 4 went on to further education.

Of the 7 learners who graduated in 2018:

  • 3 have enrolled in further education courses.
  • 86% have moved or are moving into supported living settings.
  • 1 has already secured a paid job and 2 have started voluntary jobs.

Goals and Aspirations:

On starting at the College, we determine each learner’s individual goals and aspirations, and what they hope to get out of being at College. We continue to follow up with our learners for several years after they leave the College, to see how they have progressed and whether they have been enabled to realise these goals:

Seeking Feedback:

We regularly collect feedback from our learners and their families to ensure we can continually improve our services and respond to any issues that this might highlight. In our most recent survey:

  • 100% of learners felt that they were making good progress.
  • 94% of learners felt that the teaching in the College is good.
  • 100% of parents agree that the College curriculum meets the needs and interests of their child.
  • 100% of parents feel that the College ensures a safe environment for their child.
  • 100% of parents feel that their daughter/son is treated fairly and is respected as an individual, and that staff seek the views and wishes of their child and act upon them.
  • 100% of parents feel that their daughter/ son is encouraged and supported to access community facilities and work experience opportunities.




We work hard to ensure that the College provides the best possible service to our learners across the full range of outcomes, and are delighted that Ofsted rated us as Good with Outstanding elements in our recent inspection in November 2017:

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