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Residential Services Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Residential Services

St Elizabeth's College offer Learners the chance to live on-site or at our Windhill premises while they complete their College placement. Our College can accommodate up to 20 Learners, across 6 bungalows (all with access to our Health and Therapy Services) located on Centenary Close, situated on our grounds next to the College. 

Each bungalow consists of a communal sitting room, a snug, kitchen, utility room, medication room and wet room for each bedroom. Learners are encouraged to make their room their own when they move to St Elizabeth's to ease the transition. Perhaps a new wall colour will help to settle in, or maybe a new piece of furniture or a poster of your favourite person? Or maybe a room full of photos of family and friends. Bungalow staff will support Learners to settle in and help them make their room as comfortable as possible. 

All of our on-site accommodation is owned by our local Housing Association, so Learners are issued with a licensing agreement when they move in. The licensing agreement is for 3 years based on a 52 week year and linked to their College placement - this means that only learners enrolled and participating in College are able to hold the agreement.

Much like our Adult Home, residential Learners are supported by staff to live independently, and look after their bungalow by cooking, cleaning and washing for themselves. There is a strong sense of community and character within each bungalow, with many Learners choosing the evening and weekend activities they host and participate in. Activities include swimming, dancing, a visit to the local night club or walking in the local forest.

Learners are placed in peer households with people of a similar age and/or similar support needs. Each bungalow has its own committed and experienced staff team who are qualified and trained to meet the needs of the particular clients they support.

St Elizabeth's College promotes consistency and the use of transferable skills. As a result, staff will support Learners to apply what they have learnt in College to their bungalows, and provide consistent support throughout the day. Many staff members will accompany Learners to and from College after supporting them to get ready in their bungalow. 

Our College bungalows host regular house meetings to discuss important issues, and provide a platform for Learner's to express their interests and new ideas. Learners have the opportunity to have summer barbecues, winter bonfires and enjoy the land across the Centre either on their bikes/Go-Karts, or taking a stroll through our orchard, parks and sheep fields.

Our Finance Team will support College learners with their benefits. All learners either on site or at Windhill have access to housing benefit in order to pay their rent, with Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance allowing Learners to meet their everyday financial needs.

To view our most recent CQC inspection, please click here.

For more information on College Residential Services, please contact Cheryl Gow at or on 01279 843451.

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