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Careers Programme Information Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Careers Programme Information

Careers Leader Contact Details: Anna Drury from Herts County Council, Services for Children & Young People (LDD Team)
Email Address:
Telephone no: 01438 845302
Review Date: January 2021


Learners receive careers support via the curriculum through Work Related Learning, which is timetabled on a weekly basis. This gives learners an early insight into the idea of working to produce something that is of benefit to others. It also sheds light on what some future forms of employment entail and of qualifications and skills required for those jobs. Learners also experience the idea of work through our termly Enterprise Sales. Items are produced to be sold to all members of St Elizabeth’s Centre. Learners are given the opportunity to price up and sell their items after making them available to people from across the centre. Funds raised are then put back in to the school to be used on the following terms projects.

Once learners enter the Sixth Form they have opportunities for work experience in the community. Classes visit Church Farm on alternate weeks and learners work in St Elizabeth’s charity shops in the community as well as a local café in Bishop’s Stortford. Learners in the Sixth form also receive visits from Hertfordshire County Council (Services for Children & Young People), which involve group and individual sessions to discuss future pathways. Learners follow City and Guilds “Skills for Working Life” and “Personal Progress” accreditation courses which, combined with their work experience, gives them a real insight into work and career opportunities. This qualification can be developed should learners choose to attend St. Elizabeth’s College, as the qualification progresses from Award, to Certificate and to Diploma. Progress and future pathways are discussed at Annual Reviews, Parent Consultations and Transition Meetings. Parents are, of course, able to contact and discuss their son or daughter’s progress or future at any time during the academic year.

When learners move on from St Elizabeth’s we continue to monitor and evaluate their pathways. Our School Office tracks the destination of learners for up to 3 years after transitioning from St Elizabeth’s School.


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