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Sports Premium
Positive living and learning for people with epilepsy and other complex needs

Sports Premium

Sports Premium

The sport premium will be broken into three different areas; Outdoors activities, enrichment for the curriculum and specialist equipment. This will ensure that all learners will benefit from the premium while enhancing physical education. 

February 2019 the Sports Premium was £2500 of which £1000 will be spent on outside equipment such as basketball hoops, bikes, scooters and team game equipment.  The intent of this is to broaden the activities, improving fitness and overall wellbeing. The learners will be able to take part in during activities and use equipment both during the school day and after school.

£1000 will go to equipment and activities to enrich the PE curriculum with the aim of extending the learners experiences within their PE lessons and giving them the opportunity to experience new activities. The final £500 will go on specialist equipment so that all learners have the opportunity to take part in all areas of the PE curriculum.

Learners currently also attend horse riding which is partly subsidised by Riding for Disabled fund.

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