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Zone 3

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Zone 3 is focused on development vocational and functional skills for pupils aged 16-19, who have a range of needs including moderate and severe learning difficulties.

Zone 3 students have the opportunity to attend off-site learning activities. For one day a week, the pupils go to Church Farm, where they develop work skills through practical activities as well as opportunities to put their literacy and numeracy skills into real life situations.

Students also have a weekly opportunity to take part in work experience, either through on-site enterprise projects, such as the Jewellery Project or the Orchard Project, or off-site at Pets Corner in Harlow.

Zone 3 students are following a newly-introduced City and Guilds accreditation framework; Skills for Working Life. This can be achieved at a number of levels as students progress through specific modules which can be gained through their practical work at Church Farm, their work experience and their activities at school. St Elizabeth’s College have also begun this framework of accreditation which provides the opportunity for students to continue their qualification in another setting.

For those pupils to whom it is relevant, there is also an opportunity to take part in Adult Literacy and Numeracy exams as well as Functional Skills exams in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT.