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How can you help us make the difference?

Epilepsy can strike at any time, regardless of wealth, ethnicity or religion. At St Elizabeth's we have been welcoming those that struggle to manage their seizures for over 110 years, and for many, St Elizabeth's is their permanent home.

We like to make all those that rely on us as comfortable as possible with activities to help keep boredom at bay, allowing them to live life to the full.

We need your help to be able to offer 'home living', and although we do receive funding for our residents and students basic needs we like to give them choices on how they fill their time. Many like to visit the cinema, or go swimming or eat out, just as we do in our everyday lives. At St Elizabeth's we believe everyone should have the opportunity to do these things regardless of their abilities and we really need your help!

Most of the donations received at St Elizabeth's are £10 or under, but added together can make a real difference to the lives of those who are not able to help themselves.

We are currently fundraising for:

Night Monitoring System

Sadly many epileptic seizures take place during the night, which can be very dangerous for the individual with high risk of suffocation. At St Elizabeth's we monitor all of our adults and children at risk throughout the night. However, our current night monitoring system (NMS) is now very old and becoming increasingly difficult to repair, with parts becoming obsolete. This is a crucial part of our care system and to replace this we require £320,000. We all know only too well, the worry of watching a loved one sleep when they are ill , and at St Elizabeth's we like to allow dignity for all of our residents. This system will allow us to monitor our residents at arms length and only intervene when it is absolutely necessary, ensuring a good nights sleep for all our residents and 'worry free' staff!





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